Quantum Basics for the Curious

A Virtual Fireside Chat with Nobel Laureate Bill Phillips

September 22, 2020
2-3 PM

Curious about the buzz around quantum, but don't really under- stand what the big deal is? Want to understand how the quantum revolution applies to you but don’t have a background in physics?
If so, please join the Mid-Atlantic Quantum Alliance (MQA) for a fireside chat between University of Maryland’s Vice President for Research, Dr. Laurie Locascio, and Nobel Laureate Dr. Bill Phillips. Dr. Phillips is a renowned science communicator in addition to being a leading scientist, and currently serves as a NIST Fellow and a University of Maryland Distinguished University Professor. This fireside chat will include:

  • A discussion of Dr. Phillips’ Nobel journey,
  • A basic introduction to quantum physics, and
  • Answers to burning questions about the promise of quantum technologies.

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