Workforce & Education

The scaling up of emerging quantum technologies requires rapidly developing a dynamic and knowledgeable workforce that can work across traditional boundaries, especially between physics, mathematics, engineering, and computer science, as well as domain experts and customers. We need quantum engineers who understand the complexities of how quantum and classical systems can interact, quantum programmers who can harness the novel capabilities of quantum computers, and quantum scientists who can unlock the unique quantum effects and materials that will enable further scaling of quantum technologies. Building this workforce includes both re-skilling current workers and building a new talent pipeline that is far larger than any single university can fill. Moreover, the MQA is dedicated to building a diverse, equitable and inclusive ecosystem that truly empowers innovation in this new, highly in-demand field. MQA members are therefore collaborating to develop a number of programs to share technical and entrepreneurial curriculum, educational resources, mentorship, training, and experiential learning opportunities across the region.

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