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Recorded webinars

Welcome to the video repository for MQA webinars and online sessions.

Spintronics Workshop #3 - Oct. 21, 2022

Architectures, Algorithms, and Systems for Spintronics Computing

Dr. Nitin Shah of the MITRE Corporation, Prof. Gina Adam of George Washington University, Prof. Andy Kent of New York University, and Prof. Abhronil Sengupta of the Pennsylvania State University discuss architectures, algorithms, and systems for spintronic computing.

Spintronics Workshop #2 - Oct. 14, 2022

Spintronic Phenomena in Devices, Interconnects, and Circuits

Dr. Mark Stiles of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Prof. Supriyo Bandyopadhyay of Virginia Commonwealth University, Prof. Kang Wang of the University of California, Los Angeles, and Dr. Yabin Fan of Western Digital Corporation discuss spintronic phenomena in devices, interconnects, and circuits.

Spintronics Workshop #1 - Oct. 7, 2022

Materials for Future Spintronics Applications

Prof. Avik Ghosh of the University of Virginia, Prof. Ichiro Takeuchi of the University of Maryland, Prof. Weigang Wang of the University of Arizona, Dr. Kathryn Beers of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and Dr. Sanjay Shinde (not recorded) of Canon U.S.A. discuss materials for future spintronics applications.

Quantum Tunnel Webinar - Nov. 17, 2021

Growing the Workforce: Quantum Education in Science and Technology (QuEST) Internship Program

Dr. Gregory Quiroz from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (JHU/APL) discusses lessons-learned and opportunities for regional expansion of the Quantum Education in Science and Technology (QuEST) Program for high-school and undergraduate interns.

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